Southwest Airlines App Reviews

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The app says I have to update to continue but then App Store says it's not available in the US store! Have to get boarding pass through website instead

Not working!

Absolutely not working with new iOS upgrade. Dont even bother the call for customer service. They are useless too. So sad.

Faster updates please

Please make more frequent updates. I like this able when I fly alone, but I dont understand why it cant support group trips... Wasting so much paper making groups print their boarding passes.

Great app

With this app I can check in for flights earlier, access my e-boarding pass quicker, manage booked flights conveniently, and search for new flights easily. I never had a problem getting a decent spot in the boarding line, and never have to worry about losing my boarding pass. The southwest app keeps all of my flight info conveniently up to date (as much as an app can), and the rest is up to me!

Helpful and functional

As a frequent business traveler, I use the app all the time. My only complaint is not being able to change SWABIZ flights booked through my company travel site on the app, always having to call is a pain sometimes. Aside from that, Ive never had any functional issues with the app. Checking in, gate changes, pre-check status, etc. all work every time I use it.

The boarding pass doesn't update at the airport. I save my boarding pass to my wallet. When I get to the airport I have to delete it and go to the app to add an update pass with the gate referenced in it. It should update as soon as I get to the airport and notify me what gate I need to go to!!!!!!

Best airline app

Hands down the best airline app. Never crashes and does everything it claims. Reason for taking away a star is that sometimes changes are delayed, for example gate changes.

Still cant believe

that the app has lost the ability to add the boarding pass to my Wallet. Not sure when it stopped working, but it is quite surprising and disappointing. Check in went fine, but really, no pass for iOS?

OK but . . .

Works fine except that when you try to use the Earlybird check in offer, it errors out saying swbiz not available for mobile. Well then why is it offered on mobile? Test before you deploy.

Login issue

The app shows that Im logged in and continues to make me login. When I do login again it says my password is invalid.

I like this app

Im using an iPhone 6 with the current iOS. It works great for me most of the time. Occasionally when I open the app to check in for my flight, it says that I need to use the kiosk at the airport. I shutdown the app (swipe up), then reopen, and it then it works fine. It must be something with the latest operating system because it never did that before. I fly Southwest over 30 times a year and use this app frequently. I occasionally fly Delta, United, or American. I think this apps tops all of those.

Latest update...

wont download on my iPhone running iOS 10. Whats up with that? We shouldnt have to delete and re-download the whole app just to get the latest version.

Not functional

Does not allow me to enter my name and reservation number and individual ticket ID early and save it for my trips. Then it should alert me when its time for check-in and any flight updates. I should have the option to check only myself in under the reservation number. Or the entire family (for people that have small children and/no phones) This should give me a digital bar code on my phone that can be scanned at the gate. App in its current state is absolutely worthless.

Poor app

Does not work on all iPhones using iOS 10. Works on my iPhone. Does not work on my wifes iPhone. I can find my flights but I cannot check in unless I write my reservation number on a separate piece of paper. When I try to check-in it says this reservation is ineligible for check-in rather than saying the problem is the 24 hour limit. Website on my phone is easier to use than the app is. TSA Pre designation is difficult to identify on mobile boarding passes. Knowing how to add to Wallet is unclear and my wife cant figure it out. I luckily get it done but cant explain how. Just have to hit the right button I guess.

Core Feature Not Available

This app description says you can download and store your digital boarding pass into Apple Wallet so you dont have to print it. After checking into my flight it told me I need to visit a ticket counter or print my tickets. No option to save it to Wallet. Literally the only reason I got this app is for a digital boarding pass and it doesnt even work. False description. Dont expect Wallet support.


The app does almost everything I need it to do, but.... as a business traveler the ability to change or make reservation base on my SWABIZ account would be awesome... but alas I fear I shall never know the joy of being able to make or change my flight reservations without a computer or phone call...

Needs update

Thanks for adding TouchID, good job. Its a start. Complete rebuild needed. Add Apple Watch support. Needs a modern update so it looks better in iOS 10 on iPhone 6s bigger screens. Looks like its stuck in the past in iOS 6 for iPhone 4--really! Update and embrace the new, guys and gals! Doesnt offer Apple Pay?!? Does have Wallet (formerly Passbook), but nothing for the rewards card. Add keychain support. Its not buggy--thats good!! But it feels very antiquated and its slow. Increase app bandwidth or something to make it faster or more NATIVE. SW is a great airline, but their technology seems way behind the competition.

Getting better, but

Mobile boarding pass in Wallet still not updating gate information. Its not that hard.

Apple Pay!

Apple Pay!! The year is almost 2017.

Check-in for family not available

The app works great I really like it but the only part that doesnt work well is the check-in process. I booked a flight for my whole family. On my phone I can only check-in myself. I cant see the other member of my family at all. So cant use app have to do from the PC. I will not be able to get the boarding passes for my kids and wife

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