Southwest Airlines App Reviews

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Basically useless. Multiple problems. Today no boarding pass for connecting flight.

The app says I have to update to continue but then App Store says it's not available in the US store! Have to get boarding pass through website instead


Very good

I always get my boarding passes on my phone. But my phone won't let me to get southwest app

Doesnt get past main menu

How difficult can it be to get this to navigate past main menu? Have itouch 2nd gen

Nothing works....... Worst airline app ever

Wow..this app is seriously bad. How did this get through Apple reviews. Besides the poorly designed main menu, nothing works. Booking, check-in, flight status all give no results . And once you get stuck and go back... None of the buttons on main menu work . I had to close the app 10 times to check everything...... Did you guys do any TESTING???? I would highly recommend that you take this off AppStore and fix these issues and come up with something that works . Very poor show from one of the best airlines.

Awesome App

Worked excellent for us - using new 3rd generation iPod touch & our new 3gs iPhone - uprade your hardware & stop whining about old hardware


Saved my brother a night in Tampa using this app to check the flight status and check in!! Amazing app constantly updated info. Everyone flying southwest should have this app!! Amazing!!!

Did anyone test this?

I love flying Southwest, but this App is terrible! It doenst work at all. Everytime I go into the app, I cannot do anything the screen is simply frozen. I am on an iphone 4 with the latest OS. The only thing that works in this app is the alerts, too bad I cant get into the app to do anything. Southwest please fix!!!!!


What a piece of garbage!! Southwest what have you done to your App??!! Ive used it for 2 years no probs and now you update it and you cant even pick a date!! This has already been reported too and still no fix!


This app is not Canadian friendly - only allowing for zip codes. Also when I tried to book a flight, an error message stating incorrect phone format kept popping up. There is only one way to enter a phone number - very irritating.

Problem with date selection

App looks nice but the calendar jumbles dates so you cant pick dates for flights. Seems like this has been reported before. I wonder how many people are booking if this problem applies to everyone (I have an iPod Touch)

Passbook use

It would be nice to allow for passbook use with this app. The next update should really allow for integration with passbook. Other than that …I like the app.

Pretty Good

It was pretty helpful!

Invalid postal code for Canadians

I love this app for checking prices and to check in for my flights online. However, as a Canadian, it doesnt allow me to book my travel as it says my "postal code is invalid".

Boarding pass doesnt work at all

The sw air website says their mobile app enables use of smartphone to allow mobile boarding pass- NOT! We have a trip from Calif to Washington DC with one plane change and another stop w no change. This is where using the phone would really help but there is NO boarding pass support at all.

Pretty much useless

Whats the point of this app?? You must go to the full site to print or even view boarding passes. No option to add to apple wallet. I dont get it.

Used to work great...

But with my trip this weekend, all the sudden I cant access my boarding passes through the app any more. All its good for is telling me when my trip is. I already know when my trip is. I dont like having to find a printer for my passes, and I pack light to avoid standing in the ticket line. So whats the point if this app?


Ok, you can check in from the app. Forget adding your boarding passes to your wallet on iPhone if you have your wife on the same reservation. Major fail for this app.

Multiple passengers fail

I like some features. Like convenience of being logged in. Checking flight info quickly. Pretty kool user interface. Huge gripe is that multiple passengers screws everything up for Apple Wallet boarding passes. I cant book a flight with multiple passengers and get my boarding pass in Wallet? Thats a fail. Sure, I can put a boarding pass in Wallet when booking myself only. But never when booking multiple people on the same flight? Wow..... wonder what explanation that entails.

Notifications do not seem to work

One of the most important features of an airline app is to show gate changes, delays etc. This app does not do this nor does it have a settings feature to do anything. AA and Delta are superior by comparison.

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