Southwest Airlines Examine App

gros poche

je lui donerais aucunne mais je ne peut pas parce que c nul vraiment nul pis enplus cest pas un jeux


App is great but could not connect with my password

Great airline.....

Always friendly.... that’s nice in this hectic life!

Customer Service

The people who work at certain airports is fantastic here in Nevada at Las Vegas. When you return back to California most people have attitude like they are doing you a favor instead of being happy they have a job they get paid for it. Only in California you get treated like this is normal. Other than that every other locations treat you happy you chose them to fly Southwest.

Apple wallet

Did not give an option to load boarding pass into Apple Wallet. Was told to print a copy.

Delays becoming more frequent

With planes and crews crisscrossing 5-6 major hubs in a single day southwest is inviting weather and/or airport related delays. Delays for things you can’t control. Mixing these routs is a risk that Southwest is not accepting responsibility for.

Won't even launch if...

Well, The app just doesn't even launch if you're outside of the US. Meaning that if you're traveling, you can't plan a trip, review your info. You think you can switch to Southwest website? No way... if you're in Canada, Europe, "Access Denied" is the only thing you'll get. How stupid is this? The only way to manage your trips if you're outside the US is to use a VPN that connects you back to the US and makes it believe you're inland. This is not serious.

Love Southwest!

Southwest is my favorite!

Harder than it should be to find my upcoming trip itineraries

Harder than it should be to find my upcoming trip itineraries

Southwest app

What’s the point of checking? Exactly 24 hrs prior to flight in B32...what’s the point?

App review

It would be nice if your app/website would remember other passengers like other websites. Other than that, we refer to Southwest as the “Sane Airline”!

Southwest App

By far one of the easiest apps to use of any of the major airlines. It’s quick it’s intuitive, and get the basic information you need without having to do more than two clicks.

Boarding pass

Unable to get boarding passes on iPhone X


Does what it needs to do, no bugs so far, fairly fast too.

Southwest the best airline

I love Southwest Airlines. Thank you for making travel simple.


Easy to use. Logs entire party simultaneously. Love it!

Check in

If you are checking in multiple people you should be able to get boarding passes for all

Love SW!

I love the Southwest app! It’s very easy to use, never crashes on me & saves all my flight info. There isn’t a better airline to fly with than southwest & why not have the app on your phone to book all your travel needs!!!

Not for iPad

Really a 1X


Buying up means nothing to southwest, horrible. Being A28 means nothing, the way you load an-airplane is a joke


Great service and very friendly. Need some drink tickets though please.

Love SW

Sw air is the best airline. They are most on time, if not early arrivals. Their staff are professional, friendly, talented and funny. The app works just as good as de does. Love SW

Awesome App!

Easy to use, fast and always works! We love using it and tracking all of our travel stuff. 2 thumbs up!

Great app for great airline

Always travel southwest, and always use the app

Awesome user experience

Very intuitive and cool user exp thank u Sw

Southwest Easy

Easy to book and checkin!

Efficient and Easy to Use

This AP is super efficient and super user friendly! Southwest Airlines always knocks it out of the park! Thanks!


Love this airline. Thanks for the memories

Loving it...

I don’t understand why other airlines can’t make flying this simple!

I love Southwest!

I like the app. I only deducted one star because I would like to see my hotel reservations in the app the same way I can see my car rental and flights. Other than that everything is good.

H. Anthony

The App works fine but the random seating does not. There’s no explanation of how to get assigned to group A or B. Or you simply have to pay more to get assigned to group A.


Your phone app is a dumpster fire

Low Fare Calendar

I wish I could use the low fare calendar on the app. Otherwise I love it :)

Nice but cannot rotate iPad screen

Only thing that keeps me from rating the App as excellent is it only functions in portrait mode and not landscape. Very good otherwise.

Missing one element

Alert me if my bag made or did not make my connecting flight.

Checking in

When you check in on the app the confirmation number should automatically populate. Very frustrating when your on a small smart phone and have to copy and paste the number. It kinda ridiculous!! Went to the website to check in because app would not load and I could not even find the check in button on the website! Back to the app which finally loaded! What a pain! My thought is you make it hard on purpose so people get frustrated enough that they buy the early bird!!!!! Thanks

Basics done right

Like Southwest, this app does the basics just right; quick and simple. I use it to get my boarding pass and then store it in my Apple Wallet app.


When i went to check in for my flight it required emergency contact information and then because of the delay i got the c group. Very frustrated.


Love the customers service!! People are always friendly and go the extra mile!! If I wasnt 70 I d work love to work there!

Check in

Check in was very easy and simple this is my first time flying

Southwest Airlines

Best Airline ever!

The best

The easiest site on the web to navigate since day 1.

Not Happy

So, we’re suppose to board at Denver at 7:05PM and arrive in OKC at 10:00 but last flight to OKC catches all the delays with Southwest saying bla bla bla. We don’t leave till 9 ish😡. So, we are supposed to be here at 11:00PM finally. Then we get here to OKC and we can’t get up to our gate because an empty plane is sitting in it, have to sit there another 15 plus minutes😡 By the time we get to luggage carousel it’s 11:30 plus. Ruined the whole evening coming home to our family with gifts and candy, their all in bed 😴. Moral of this story don’t take the last Southwest flight anywhere. And Southwest tell people you have a catch all late flight that gets all the stragglers where who knows what time you’ll get in and the pilots can’t tell the airport give me any of the 5 empty gates on each side of me🗣.

Worst airline app ever

I can check in online through desktop with a pdf version boarding pass, but there is no way for me to get the boarding pass through my iPhone. Worst airline app ever used!!!

The best of the best..

Thank you southwest. You never disappoint!


Always my go to airline! Thank you SWA Team!

Still can’t get mobile boarding passes

I’m pretty tech savvy and have had zero issues downloading mobile boarding passes with other airlines, but for some reason, I’m not able to download the mobile boarding pass through the app, website, or mobile website. The FAQ section says you can receive your passes via text, email, or through the app, but I’m not able to. I ended up taking screenshots of the app to use as a boarding pass. C’mon SWA, get your stuff together. It’s 2018...

Flying high with southwestern

This is my 2nd flight with southwestern and I have to say they make it pleasant to travel with ! Personal are super people and friendly and fun ! I will do all my traveling with them from here on out


Not very ergonomic. Can’t read to control options because they’re close to the same color of the title bar.

Check in

I would like to check in all the members of my family. We all are on the same reservation with the same confirmation number, but the Southwest mobile app does not make it clear that I have checked us all in, or just checked myself in.

iPad screen does not adjust

When using app the screen only is displayed in the “portrait” mode and will not adjust to the horizontal mode Otherwise it’s a good app Ronald Limbaugh

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