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Love It!

I really enjoy Southwest! Early Bird Check In is great!

Best ever

Always a positive experience booking a flight and flying Southwest. On time and great service on the flight.

Love Southwest

Southwest is the way to fly...I know I’m going to be well taken care of. Denver here I come can’t wait to take in the beautiful fall colors. Thanks Southwest you’re awesome.

Southwest Air Lines App

The app needs much more user friendly attention. It needs to address Lost Luggage, Missing luggage items, WiFi, & traveler’s flight opinions. If a traveler loss luggage or items missing from there luggage there should be a short cut(icon) to help you address this issue(s). WiFi should be added to app. Some travelers did not know that they should have downloaded a separate app before boarding. Not all airline use the same WiFi systems, this would save travelers time. Giving Southwest Air Line travelers a voice is empowering! The app should have a spot for everyone’s opinions. This would be the most useful system for Southwest learn exactly what needs to be addressed. The Rapid Rewards number should be woven into the app to help users & Southwest Air Lines reduce the users form information entering. Seating Up grades should also have an icon. If seating upgrade is not possible on the app, it should address you to see or call a Southwest Representative. In all this would reduce Southwest Air Lines work load and save travelers standing in line.


It would be more enjoyable if we had pre-assigned seating

When will iPad app be available?

Soon I hope!

Little problem

Not mush of a problem it was my error. Once I got in it was all good

To slow on check on

The app doesn’t refresh fast enough for on time check in

Great App to Travel

The ease of booking is great! Only app I use to book travel necessities.

No electronic boarding passes on device

Must physically PRINT!

Southwest App

Quick check in easy to use. Love my app.

Free Bags

Great airlines you get 2 free bags

Departure Time = Rough Estimate

Southwest is absolutely undependable. If you need to be to your destination on time for an event or an appointment, avoid this airline at all costs. I can’t remember the last time Southwest was able to get a plane off the ground within an hour of my original departure time. Rain? Delayed. Clear skies? Delayed. First flight of the day? Delayed. The “new departure time” emails are equally frustrating, and the system can’t even keep up with all the delays. I received one 20 minutes ago that said my flight had a “new departure time” 40 minutes later, and it has already been delayed again. I have flown Delta a number of times recently, and every flight was either early or on time. I don’t understand why Southwest can’t get it together.

Cannot View Boarding Pass

Isn’t that the purpose of this app? To have a mobile boarding pass?

Quick & easy

A no hassle way to check in your flight on line, quick, easy, and perfect!

Late again

Southwest couldn’t be on time if all they had to do is cross the airport. Forget paying for Early Bird check in. Paid this trip and got A55 first flight and B29 second. GREAT DEAL!!!!!

So Far So Good

So far very good customer service. We requested wheelchairs both ways so I’m hoping we don’t have a problem tomorrow. I have bad hip and Bob has COPD so we can’t walk the whole terminal


This app is wonderful!

Good App

Very easy to operate and it’s quick.


Shouldn’t have to enter our flight numbers in the phone app.

Poor service

App is antiquated. Could not check in 1,440 minutes before flight because I have a damm job. Punished why??

Southwest Airlines checkin

Love the App Very straightforward and easy to use Great airline

App needs better integration with Chase

Let’s keep this simple and informative. SWA doing promo through Chase for $250 credit which can be applied to immediate purchase and 15,000 points (conditional on future purchase amounts). Great! I have a trip I need to take in just over 2 weeks. I submitted application with Chase by clicking link in the SWA app and was approved instantly. The approval page contained a link that would redirect to SWA with the account info to complete purchase and have credit applied. The Chase page wanted to redirect to SWA app and upon doing so there was an “ERROR” pop up and the account information was not communicated to the app. I figured deleting app and allowing splash page to redirect to a website would resolve issue. This proved false. Now I can’t apply the credit to today’s purchase because the account information doesn’t exist yet and I have to wait 7-10 days for the card. And the catch 22 here is that the $250 credit applies *AFTER* the first purchase. The flight I’m trying to purchase is Nov 6th and by the time I get the card the prices would go up so much that it doesn’t matter. It’s a massive inconvenience in the present but will be fine in the future for my next purchase. App developers - please fix this communication issue between you and Chase.


Love southwest !!

Best Airline!

My favorite airline and the app makes everything so easy!!!

Excellent Airline in Everything

I like it!


The best airline, service is outstanding!

Seat holders

It’s not right that people hold seats for each other. I worked hard to get A section and a person from C section who didn’t work hard get a better seat than me. Not fare. I will just have to start riding Jet Blue more often with assigned seating.

Wonderful service

You have the best, most congenial and helpful staff! Always a pleasure to fly with you!

Checking in

Why can’t the app bring up the next res associated with my logged in account? I really have to dig up my PNR and how it in??????

SWA app

Very impressed. You can do everything quickly and easily from this well designed innovative app. The newest feature that impressed me was how when you are at the airport, it sends you messages regarding your flight (boarding, gates, etc.) Nice job with the entire app.

Luv vouchers on app

Would like to be able to use my luv vouchers and other discounts threw the app.

So Far So Good

Used the app for the first time to book a trip and it was very easy. So have no problems with it so far.

❌ Watch App Missing

Please can you add and Apple Watch feature?

Garbage app!!!

Terrible app that doesn’t work well for Mobile boarding passes!!! Ugh!

Check in

I can only get my boarding pass. I have to go to a kiosk or computer to “print” a boarding pass for my wife who is on the same reservation. Stupid. Makes the app totally useless!!


The home page on the app listed me as having an upcoming flight to a different city than that flight was actually booked for. At first I freaked out when I saw that and thought I had purchased tickets to the wrong airport. I had to click on the flight for the detail screen to confirm that I had booked for the correct airport.

Lack of Louisville, KY Specials

First, let me say, I am a dedicated fan of Southwest. I’ve been using them for the last 15-plus years! Exceptional service! But... IN MY 15-PLUS YEARS OF FLYING SOUTHWEST, THERE HAS NEVER, EVER BEEN ANY SPECIAL, DISCOUNTED FLIGHTS INTO or OUT OF LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY!!!!! WHY ARE THERE NEVER ANY SPECIALS LISTED for LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY!!!!! 😡😡😡☹️☹️☹️

Love traveling

Keep up the good work!!!!

Can’t use voucher

No option to use vouch. Clever way to make money by making it hard to use voucher...

Courtesy and control

I have to say so far so good my flight out to Vegas was a dream. I’m usually on American. You have them beat. My seat was comfortable and can I thank you for the seat belt? I am a big guy and I was very comfortable the people who took care of our s on the way out are grade A. We fly out tomorrow morning and for the first time I’m looking forward to it. Thank you again. Dan.

No More Family Boarding Passes?

I used to be able to get/view/add to wallet all of my family’s boarding passes from the app. Now I can only access mine. What gives?

Best airline to fly!

Always the best – – always the airline I want to fly. Southwest has the nicest, kindest and most diligent employees – – always willing to help you find your way! I appreciate their smiles and attentiveness! Thank you for thinking of your flyers and thank you for not charging for luggage – – who goes anywhere without luggage!?

Southwest app

This app is awesome. The main page shows me what I want to see. Navigating is a breeze and I can book flights in less than 5 minutes! The sort feature within the search makes it easy to pick the flight I want! Thanks

Great online experience

Southwest’s online experience is quite easy and I love that I can use wallet to access my ticket Plane is a bit small and I’m a small person but service friendly enough and I sometimes appreciate a “hands off” approach to air travel

Overall Good... but

A few things to improve this APP: 1) make a version to run on the iPad that isn’t s simple pasting of this version. It looks silly and should embarrass Southwest. Also lots of extra content could be added with the larger format. 2) when a boarding pass is saved to the Wallet, please add the traveler name across the top strip that shows in the stack. When I have several passes for the same flight for other passengers it can be hard to pull up the correct one as it needs to be scanned at security or the gate. 3) add the free mailed drink coupons or business elect drink coupon to the app and have the flight attendant scan it and the. It disappears 4) have the app talk to the WiFi on board to auto set up the connection for free WiFi Otherwise it is great and I love this airline!

Flight attendants

Very in happy with the flight attendants on the last flight out going from Atl to PUJ. they were very condescending and talked to the passengers as if we are children telling us we can not get any drinks until we completed all of our forms and that she would not repeat the instructions. I thought that was quite rude and passengers next to me who are A LIST MEMBERS and the other passengers I spoke to at the baggage claim said same thing. this is my 1st Southwest flight I will try again but if it happens again it will also be my last. I live in Atlanta always fight outside because I have status but I wanted to try southwest. Extremely rude flight attendants. I hope this is not typical


Wow that was super easy 😁 Thank you Southwest Airlines for starting my adventure off with amazing ease. The Sampson’s

User Friendly

I book and manage my flights through the app. ❤️ Southwest

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